Please Note: Our Parking Lot has moved…please see our location page for details.


Our condos were built in the 1960’s. Each one is individually owned and the changes and upgrades are different in each condo.

Our Bare Bones condos (formerly called Basic) have NOT undergone any major upgrades since it’s construction in the 1960’s. Expect to find this unit clean and comfortable, but with worn carpet, dated and worn furnishings and extensive wear and tear on walls and surfaces for a unit built in the 1960’s. This condo IS Bare Bones and is satisfactory for a group only looking for a place to prepare a meal and lay their heads. This is NOT a luxury condo and is therefore priced accordingly. We suggest to Upgrade when available.

Our Standard Condos have NOT undergone any major upgrades for 10+ years. Expect to find this unit clean and comfortable, with dated furnishings and normal wear and tear on walls and surfaces for a unit built in the 1960’s.

Our Preferred Condos have had extensive upgrades which may include granite countertops and larger refrigerators. Please read each condo description by clicking the “Book Now” link.

All of our units are 1 Bedroom condos. Most units have a queen or double bed and a set of bunk beds in the bedroom. And you are provided with Fresh Linen for your stay.

All kitchens are stocked with pots, pans and utensils, stoves and microwaves. You will also find Dish Towel, Dish Cloth, Dish Soap, Dish Pods (if unit has a Dishwasher) and garbage bags.

The other amenities provided are Coffe Packs, Filters, Creamer, Tea, and Sweetners.

Most condos have mini-refrigerators and all have coffee makers.

Bathrooms are stocked with Fresh Towels, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Hand Soap and Toilet Paper.

No matter which condo you choose, you will find it clean and comfortable.

Cancellation Policy:

We collect the entire booking fee when making your reservation.

If you cancel 11+ days prior to arrival, your deposit will be refunded less a 5% processing fee. If you cancel within 10 days of arrival, you will forfeit 50% of the nightly rate (Ex. 2 nights at $199.00 plus Damage Deposit of $200 and Cleaning Fee of $55.00 plus taxes – You will forfeit $199.00 and the remaining will be refunded).

Crystal Chalets is not responsible for the weather, power outages or the condition of the snow during your stay. We will do everything we can to insure your safety and comfort during your stay, but do not provide refunds.

Sorry, no pets allowed.

We have a strict No animal policy for guests (in the condo or on the property) there is a $100.00 fee if violated.

Service animals trained to guide or service a person with a disability are allowed. This does not include comfort, therapy or emotional support animals.

If a disabled person wants to bring a service dog, the Manager must be informed in advance of exactly what the animal is trained to do. The tasks performed must be directly related to the person’s disability.

Renters with animals that create problems will be asked to leave even if it is supposed to be a “service animal.”


Unfortunately there is not a Washer or Dryer for guest use here at Crystal Chalets or up here on Crystal Mountain. The closest laundry facility is in Enumclaw (an hour away):

Freshen Up Laundry 256 Roosevelt Ave, Enumclaw, WA 98022 (253) 245-9056

Unfortunately a few rotten apples spoil the barrel! We had to implement this policy to discourage guests from misuse of our units. If the unit is left as you found it with no damage or extra cleaning is needed the “pre-authoriztion” will be fully voided.

However, if extra cleaning fees are due (see our Terms and Conditions and Welcome Email) or any damage is found in the unit based on the state that the room is left in by your use it will be deducted from the Damage Deposit “pre-authorization” and the remaining is voided.

The Late Check In Fee is to discourage late check ins after 8:00 PM. We are an old building and people walking on the walkways when checking in can get loud in snow boots and rolling suitcases. So this discourages too many guests checking in late and disrupting our sleeping guests. So PLEASE book your travel accordingly. Also lost guests or check in troubles after 8:00 PM means our managers have to get out of bed to assist.

The Late Check Out Fee is again to discourage late check outs after 11:00 AM. We are a stair filled facility and on a busy season we only have from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM to turn around up to 26 units when we are full.

The Early Check In Fee is again to discourage early check ins before 4:00 PM. Again, we are a stair filled facility and on a busy season we only have from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM to turn around up to 26 units when we are full.

Please Remember to check with Reservations to request a Late Check In or Check Out before your stay!

We share DSL Lines – so we have to be aware of not using Streaming at peak times. For video, we offer several HBO channels in our 48 channels, so there should be no video streaming needed.

If someone needs to use Video Conferencing for work or school, it is a form of ‘streaming’ and should be done during the day at non-peak times (when others are out skiing).

Peak times are in the evenings – especially on Weekend and Holidays.

Peak times can also be the mornings before people ski, and the late afternoons after skiing.

Please be respectful of others when using bandwidth-intensive internet services.